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1. ISO__ piss players, facials, bukkake, groups, couples, kinky minds, spit, feet (sometimes), dom/sub, soft sm, humiliation, nipple PLAY. ISO__ TOPS = almost anyone of any age or type can top me if the energy and scene is right, but I am especially hot for guys similar to bottoms below, but very dom__ ISO__ BOTTOMS = young, smooth, Asian, ethnic guys, slim to muscular, kinky, uncut, very submissive SCENE__ more into willing submission/humiliation and service more than force. Not so into mutual, but everything is case by case.
Age: 64 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Tokyo, Tokyo JAPAN

2. 34, sub bttm. Partner is 35 Dom top. We've been looking to add a third every now and then, but trying to find someone who's able to do both Dom and sub, top and bottom. I'm the bottom. Kinks: assplay, nippleplay, bondage, toys, sweat, feet, verbal, humiliation, roleplay, rimming, breathplay
Age: 36 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Princeton, Trenton, New Jersey (NJ) USA

3. gay, friends, cum, cum stains, footed pajammas, PJs, onesie, dildo, sex toys, butt plug, bukkake, sex, anal, sucking, outdoors, public, nipple play, shave,
Age: 38 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Norristown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) USA

4. Gay, nips, nipple play
Age: 55 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Cleveland, Ohio (OH) USA

5. Some of my biggest fetishes are feet, underarms, leather, uniforms, cowboys, nipples, bondage, etc. Looking to date someone similar. Interested?
Age: 49 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Oxnard, Ventura County, California (CA) USA

6. Looking for confident, down to earth men who are into exploring their sexuality and that of their partner, men who understand that the brain is as important in sex as the body, men who can hold an intelligent conversation after they fuck their brains out. Absolutely NOT into men with large ego's who need constant stroking, men whose lives are spent in the gym when they should be working on their personality, or anyone over 30 who considers himself a boy. NO cologne, NO tweakers, NO circuit party boyz. I enjoy just about all sex scenes. . . whatever turns my partner on. . . . deep throating, getting fucked, deep kissing, leather, ass play, bondage, flogging, dildos, toys, nipple play, licking, man smells, man tastes, rimmen, piss, outdoors . . . . have other fotos to trade too
Age: 64 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Munich, Bavaria GERMANY

7. I love nipple play and playing with my foreskin. I love not sucking penis but actually working the balls. there is something about a nice sack. And Underwear starting foreplay in them and sometimes working it with them on. wow. boxer briefs. briefs no thongs or panties want a mans underwear on.
Age: 39 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Ontario, Inland Empire, California (CA) USA

8. Can you use me like a slave? Can you torture me to the core? Can you make me to drink your piss and cum without wasting a drop? Can you use me hardly and harshly? Can you make me to suck your cock & get fuck atleast for 2 hours continuously? Can you squeeze my sexy nice boobs and give me ultimate pain? Can you bite and suck my nipples and extract milk from them (if you have guts)? Can you rape me? Answer to all these things in detail... i am a male, age 30. fair complexion, good looking, i am very fair. 5.7, 74 kg, 34w, shaved body, sexy boobs and nipples. i am a slave bottom.well educated, employed. looking for a partner too.want to be used like a slave in bed. love tortures. i like to suck and get fucked by hard core, you can juice it my ass and mouth. I am also with nice boobs, I will satisfy your entire needs in bed. I like all type of guys except fat guys/oldguys & guy with mushtaches i will be your girl in bed, you can play on my whole body, specially boobs. I am ready to stay with you if want for a night also. I need very hard, harsh and rough guys to make me crying and screaming on bed. I will give good company. i want to drink urine and cum. fuck my mouth many times,. tighten my boobs using two belts tightly tied on the upper and lower part of boobs and bite nipples hardly. i should cry in pain. i need ur cum badly... pls msg me your mobile no. Use me for whole night...
Age: 28 | seeks gay fetish person dating in West Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi INDIA

9. Looking for guys into many different fetish scenes. Leather, boots, bondage, nippleplay.
Age: 28 | seeks gay fetish person dating in ZIMBABWE

10. Looking for guys that share my foot fetish. Love a guys sweaty feet, foot smelling and licking. Also into sports gear and leather. I do enjoy a great chest and nice nipples to suck on. I have feet size 12 EE myself and also like a guy at my feet.
Age: 40 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Toronto, Ontario CANADA

11. looking for someone who likes to cbt an pump cock an balls. plug ass an work some nipples. many interest just ask??
Age: 53 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) USA

12. i enjoy hard nipple play sometimes i can make myself cum by using nipple clamps,looking for someone to make me cum,i do have man boobs,but if your interested please let me know,i am stocky to large build,hairy but not thick hair,clean shaven,blue eyes and cropped hair,average looking.
Age: 44 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Kemptown, Brighton, East Sussex UNITED KINGDOM

13. I am 27 years old in need of a master to orders me around and makes me his sex slave and I will surrender my clothes to my master and puts handcuffs and a collar on me and takes my clothes out-back and burns my clothes I want to be domination and pushed ,Discipline, bondage, CHAINED, BEATEN, GAGGED, BURNED, TICKLED, TORTURED, BASTINADO, CBT, RACKED, HUNG, PISS & CUM, Caged ,Humiliation, training, Shaving, nipple play, BDSM, Milking & edging, WS, Soft SM, Hard SM, Physical drills, C &BT, Rubber & latex, Sneakers Chastity, Leather, strap whipping, Corp email] punishment and more
Age: 34 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Salida Colorado, Denver, Colorado (CO) USA

14. I am gay man who is into male navels-nipples-well anything male-there is nothing better then a toned naked male body-as for men-the kinkier the better.
Age: 58 | seeks gay fetish person dating in North, Vancouver, Washington (WA) USA

15. I am into married guys, watersports and other light fetishes; i.e. rimming, nipples, oral and anal. Not into BDSM or fisting. Like poppers a lot and a guy who wants satisfaction or else.
Age: 62 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Westchase, Houston, Texas (TX) USA

16. nipple players and lycra
Age: 29 | seeks gay fetish person dating in San Pedro, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon MEXICO

17. nipples, nipple play, nipple suck.....
Age: 51 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois (IL) USA

18. weird fetishes... i love my nipples. pits and feet played with besides the obvious..... maybe other fetishes as well!
Age: 48 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Middleboro, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

19. I LOVE licking out belly buttons, licking stomachs, sucking on nipples, and toes!!
Age: 39 | seeks gay fetish person dating in New Hartford, Utica, New York (NY) USA

20. Have been into the fetish scene for quite few years. Bondage, hoods, dildos, fisting, (receive & give) cock/ball/nipple stretching. quite versatile!!
Age: 73 | seeks gay fetish person dating in Palmerston, Darwin, Northern Territory AUSTRALIA

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